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We are a company that combines deep and solid expertise at the level of the most demanding national and international standards, in our staff and business partners we have professionals with Know How expertise in their respective areas.

NMBS congregates various services required for the normal initiation and development of business activities in Angola, such as accounting, tax and legal consulting and human resource management.

Our company has been specializing in supporting oil and gas companies, particularly in human resource management and compliance with tax and labor obligations and other legal impositions in pursuit of excellence practices and full legal compliance.

NMBS Consulting offers a full range of consulting services to address the needs of today's business environment. Our commitment is to provide our clients with complete solutions, everything from planning and management to execution and implementation.

We developed a department to support foreign companies wishing to invest in Angola, technical experts will provide all necessary support and assistance with the submission to the official authorities of private investment projects in Angola.

Tax Consultancy  currently plays a vital role as having good tax planning and strict, regular compliance with tax obligations has become crucial. Appropriate Tax Consulting helps to boost normal economic growth by taking advantage of the legislation in force and considering the specific aspects of company business. It has thus become vital to identify, plan, obtain and disclose that information which is relevant for decision-making.

Accounting is the process involving the identification, measurement and communication of economic information to allow informed opinions to support decisions by the information users. It allows the efficient evaluation of the activities of any body. It is an information system for management where there is systematic registration of day-to-day fluctuations, the operations and the results which, after analysis, demonstrate an organisation’s performance.

These days  legal consulting  is a vital element to support the management of a business organisation and it is vital for us to be familiar with the legal rules applicable to the main fields of action, inter alia, though not being limited to the latter, human resources’ management. Enjoying the cooperation of experienced professionals from the legal area is the right way of fully meeting present needs in day-to-day business life.

Private investment in Angola is subject to specific rules and legislation which entails the drawing up and submission of a project which will be subject to the appreciation and approval of the National Private Investment Agency. We afford a legal and technical advice service which will provide all the support you need before, during and after the submission of the respective investment project.

Human Resources' Management is currently based on the fact that organisations’ performances depend on the contribution of their constituent people and the way in which they are organised. Managing people must be more than just controlling procedures and routines; it implies the involvement of all the organisation’s members.Human Resources’ management thus assumes ever greater importance in the development of an organisational culture geared towards innovation and optimisation, playing a vital role in the organisation internally and externally.