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                                                                                                                                                                         Against the current economic background of growing globalisation, the tax area represents a key factor in company profitability and competitiveness.

The growing complexity of tax systems as well as their constant state of flux result in the need for permanent support which varies from mere information about significant alterations in fiscal and parafiscal legislation until an analysis of complex operations. 

From the perspective of effectiveness and efficiency of taxation, our professionals are prepared to provide support to our clients in terms of current tax consultant, or in the level of tax optimization of their activities.

NMBS Consulting provides its Customers with knowledge and experience to deal with specific and complex matters in a manner which is adapted to each specific case.

Tax consulting involves the monitoring of organisations/companies by rendering the following services:

§      Supervision of day-to-day tax and accounting operations;

§      Tax impact studies deriving from company investment policies;

§     Optimisation and profitability of the best tax options;

§     Information in due time about the tax impact on fiscal alterations;

§     Due Diligence.